Online Pimp Game

What is Pimp Empires?

Online pimp gameIt is a browser-based text game where you take on the role of ‘pimp’. It is your ultimate goal to build an empire while fighting off other pimps and their gangs. It is based in New York City and you can either run it alone or join a gang depending on how you feel. You build your empire by recruiting hoes and thugs to do your dirty work, they earn your money and fight your battles all you have to do is keep them under control. If you keep your hoes in drugs and your thugs in alcohol as well as guns they will stay loyal. What kind of pimp do you want to be, this online pimp game resets every 3 weeks so you can decide how you want to play it different every time.

It is multiplayer as well as multi platform, you can play it from anywhere in the world as well as from any platform that has connection to the Internet. Doesn’t matter if it is your smart phone, tablet or your desktop computer. Just, login and you continue your pimping from where it was left off.

So, are you going to be a backstabbing pimp that no one can trust or a loyal gang member that can be depended upon?

The next type of pimp Lord to grace Pimp Empires is in your hands.

Online Pimp Game – features

  • Free to Play Online
  • For casual or serious gamer
  • Play on computer browser, phone or tablet
  • No plugins or Flash needed
  • Active online staff
  • Career rankings ‘Game to Game’
  • Random gangs no one gang domination
  • Established 2004