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Online Pimp Game | Introduction

Pimp Empires is an online game which you will take on a roll as a ‘Online Pimp’, your goal is to build an empire that will take over the streets of New York. You will make friends and enemies as well as learn to influence other pimps to your advantage. If they do not toe your line take them out, invade their home or have a street fight, if you want to do some serious damage you can arson their buildings.

So do you think you’re the next PimpLord?

Why Play Pimp Empires Game?

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We have changed how the pimp gangs are allocated

It is fairly simple but explaining it is not easy but here goes. The way it used to work. The top 30 at the end of the game was arranged by career level starting from the highest level.  The first person was put on gang 1 and the second person was put on gang 2 […]


A brief history of pimping

Most of us know what pimping is, for those that don’t it is when one person facilitates the sexual act of another for money. The pimp it normally gets a cut. They normally have an area which the pimp controls, or may be a property or a long list of clients that are willing to […]


Top 12 Best Pimpin Quotes

“Keep your pimp hand strong and your girls working long.” - Smok’n Sherm Williams “Carry a cane to keep ‘em sane… cuz crazy-ass Ho’s don’t make no dough!” – Bad Boy Ike “Ain’t no bidness like the Ho bidness!” - Sweet Sugar Brown “Slap that Ho like a domino.” - Two Tight Jackson “I stack my loot from […]



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